Basilico Pasta Sauce


Basilico Pasta Sauce is an easy and delicious way to serve up authentic Italian flavour in a flash. Just heat it over the stove or in the microwave, and serve over your favourite pasta shape. The traditional recipe means it contains only natural ingredients with no preservatives, and no artificial colours or flavours. Serve Basilico Pasta Sauce only if you’re ready for your taste buds to experience some real Italy!

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Weight 370 g
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Basilico pasta sauce has a hearty flavor and a rich, thick texture that will make any meal delicious. Basilico has a robust flavor that goes great with your favorite pasta, orzo, chicken, steak, fish, and more. Use as you would any traditional pasta sauce—simply heat it up and add to your favorite dish for an instant flavor boost. Our sauce is made with simple ingredients and no preservatives.

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