Vannamei King Prawns


The Vannamei King Prawns are from the waters around East Asia, near China and Vietnam.

Vannamei king prawns are gourmet seafood. They are grown in tropical waters and harvested at their peak maturity, thus retaining their flavor and plump texture. Vannamei King Prawns[ are easy to prepare and versatile with a sweet taste. They make a healthy addition to your favorite dishes, from entrees and appetizers to soups and salads. This delicate seafood treat measures approximately 6 to 9 inches in length.

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Weight 700 g
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King prawns are also known by the names: Tiger Prawns, Whiteleg Prawns and Brown Tiger Prawns. The name most commonly used for these prawns in North America is King Prawn. Vannamei King Prawns have been grown in the uncontaminated waters off Vanuatu.


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